Why Tivoli End point Manager

Why Tivoli End point Manager

Because IT administrators have access to data that is typically unavailable to other departments, they are often perceived as the “keepers” of intelligence in an enterprise. As such, they are constantly asked questions they did not foresee when they purchased a particular tool—questions that may not fit into discernible categories. Now more than ever, IT administrators must know the answers to these questions, or be able to find the answers quickly. Through the power of IBM Tivoli® Endpoint Manager, built on BigFix® technology, administrators can provide accurate answers to virtually any endpoint question and always stay a step ahead.

What makes the Tivoli Endpoint Manager architecture better?
The IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager architecture sets out to solve a problem: Why do most systems and security management tools just not work as promised in the real world across the entire enterprise? Long before the first product release, the company spent years developing a platform that could be used to successfully deliver any type of content, command, or query to any computer, anywhere. It had to operate in real-world conditions and be easy to implement, fast, and accurate.
Tivoli Endpoint Manager’s patented technology distributes computing power to the devices themselves, using the intelligent Tivoli Endpoint Manager agent to provide a level of visibility and control not possible in legacy solutions. This level of innovation translates into significant advantages in speed, flexibility, and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs associated with traditional systems and security management.
Each agent acts independently and simultaneously to process policies, report changes, or execute actions—pulling only relevant content from the management server as needed. This parallel processing, combined with the performance optimization of our agent code, results in rapid assessment and remediation cycles, real-time reporting, continuous enforcement, ability to control off-network devices, and minimal network chatter.

Key advantages
Tivoli Endpoint Manager currently contains over 10.000 fixlets, and is therefore the ideal system and security management solution for any organization. Tivoli Endpoint Manager consolidates many different tools into one user friendly console, offering you control and visibility by providing analysis and reporting. For instance, you could use Tivoli Endpoint Manager to assist you in the setup enforcement of compliance policies. A few other benefits:
• Single agent drives down resources, simplifies management and maintenance
• Support for almost all platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Linux and VMware ESX
• Distributed, minimizes the LAN/WAN traffic by using intelligent techniques
• Home-made query language which is 100 times faster than Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
• Integrates with IT tools such as Remedy and HEAT for ticketing and helpdesk
• Real time visibility and control over devices and infrastructure
• Real time analyses and reports

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