The phrase “time is money” is getting very popular these days. Yes indeed its right phrase. I strongly agree and try to follow this phrase stated by Benjamin Franklin. This quote is becoming very encouraging and motivational for those people who want to get success in their life.

Time management is very important. By this phrase everyone mean that by using or spending time you can earn money and we actually do in practical life, but on the other side we can’t buy lost time by money that means time is more important and precious than money and every other things. Time doesn’t wait for anyone but an individual or a person who can manage his/her time very well, he/she will wait for the time to come. Time just flows like waterfall and clock don’t get stop as waterfall doesn’t stop, each and everybody will get 24 hours a day but it’s up to personnel or an individual that whether he/she converts that given time in to profit or just wastes it away by his/her laziness.

“Time is money”, this phrase is actually highlighting the importance and value of time. Every second which is passing like a trace of bullet can never be recovered though on the other side lost money can be recovered by hard work and struggle, so avail that thing which is going to be lost and can never be recovered again. Importance of being punctual can make you and your workplace more productive. For example, if one comes late to work every day he may not get more priority in front of management as not being punctual, similarly if one person is keep waiting client time and not attending the meeting on an agreed time than this might result in for a loss of a workplace.


Everyone should respect time and try to utilize it by doing some productive rather than wasting it. Besides this, one should also respect other’s time by not keeping their work in progress, not postponing plans, not being on time or delaying something for a day or two. In the end success welcomes with an open arms to those who understands the value of time that is why it’s said to be “Time is Money”.

Importance of time does not only matter for young age group but this habit of time punctuality should be built right from the childhood so that along with time and growth of a person, he/she gets more and more punctual. We cannot neglect the importance of time as many legends have set an example in front of us by being regular, on time and punctual.

Nothing is more powerful than time, you can turn tables in your favor by this and make yourself more successful. You know time can bring all things to you but no one can bring that time which has been lost. Though no one can stop it but can use it in an efficient and in an effective manner. You may have seen peoples whose life has been spoiled by just not being on time, in fact in professional life if you don’t reach to meeting on time and client keeps on waiting for you, then there is a high chance of getting failure.

In a nutshell, time has a great significance in our daily life. It can neither be bought nor sold out, it can be utilized in a proper manner and by using it effectively no one can defeat you and success will always be there with you.


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