Security Identity Management

“If something sounds too good to be true, there’s probably a scammer behind it.”

What does it mean?

Security identity management is also known as Identity and access management (IAM), in computer security is a discipline of security and business that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time. It is an organizational process for identifying, authenticating and authorizing individuals to have entree to systems that are associated with established identities and user rights or by the powers of access he has, and would give organizations need to control access whether it be mobile, desktops or cloud.

Working process

With collaboration from IBM ®’s Security Identity and access management solutions; an IAM gives the essential zone of protecting keeping in view the rules and policies of organization for the user access. Identity and access management systems can enhance the business productivity. The primary objective of IAM is one identity per individual. Once such digital identity establishes, it must be maintained, modified and monitored throughout each user’s access lifecycle. From file access, to enforce data backup everything would be in your hands, our IT professionals are always there to help, with a connection to world’s leading security systems IBM. Initially, it identifies any high-risk users that are the people who have access to sensitive data and systems. Thus; setting a baseline for normal behavior then it protects your data. The third thing would be that it provides your applications a haven. Moreover, blocks the unauthorized access and keep at bay the risk of someone exploiting your data.

    How can we help you?

    Skill Orbit offers amazing services to the business owners according to their needs. Our well-trained staff is here to help you set up SIM and better security systems. We assure you to provide:

  • Successful identity and security management that strengthens your identity insurance.

  • Also, provide you with an insight of who is accessing your data and the reason behind it.

  • Empowers the business and IT to work smoothly by regulatory compliance and security goals to obtain risk assessment, password management, and analytics.

  • Skill orbit resolves all the immediate threats, and ongoing provisions side by side give the predictive analysis of the identity and data accessing.

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