Smart home devices. While the term itself is self-explanatory, we would need to delve a bit deeper to understand the true concept. What would we term as a Smart Home? How do devices make a home smart? Are these some special sort of devices? These and other questions are what pop into our mind when talking about smart homes.

The concept of Smart Homes dates back to the early 1900s. The invention of home appliances was an achievement that ushered in a new era of household gadgets. Starting with the vacuum cleaner, this was followed by refrigerators, clothes dryers, washing machines, irons, toasters and much more. While not considered as Smart Devices in the current sense, these inventions laid the foundations for what would, later on, come to be intelligent machines to enable smart homes.

With the 1900s as the stepping stones, home automation began to gain popularity in the 2000s. With the explosive growth in technology and innovation, devices and domestic technologies began to emerge for the general consumer market. These included remote control devices, automated lights, temperature maintained ovens, timer enabled refrigerators and much more along these lines. The next logical step to that was the integration and inter-connectivity of the domestic technologies for layered facilitations to the homeowner.

To understand this properly, imagine your home to be filled with such smart devices. When you walk out of a room, the lights automatically dim and the cooling is automatically shut down to conserve energy when the sensor does not detect any human presence. Another example would be window-blinds automatically opening or closing based on light-detectors, opening to let light into a room only when sunlight is of a specific intensity. Taking the imagination one step further, you are notified on your mobile when your car needs to be fueled up for journeys pre-scheduled into the Car-Nav. You can imagine your coffee being ready and the breakfast pre-heated in the microwave when you step into the kitchen in the morning, all because your smart home detected when you woke up from your bed. And the thing is that you don’t have to imagine it, for these devices are actually available to the general consumers and are being made better and smarter with each iteration.

You now have Smart Home Marketplaces which provide a range of products which enable more efficient homes by providing home-owner convenience. Roadshows and Expos get arranged the year round, with millions of people in attendance to view and purchase their required convenience. And the future is just getting started, with companies looking to bring smart home convenience down to a single button. Voice recognition and fingerprint recognition are now coming into play, with devices being personalized down to the individuals living within the same home. Innovations are getting bolder and better for home devices, and convenience is being put in the palm of the consumer.

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