PowerERP is a web based enterprise resource planning software which helps small to medium size businesses to efficiently perform their day to day operations. The system consist of following modules.


PowerFinancials is an accounting module that can be used in any type of business to record and post daily financial transactions and generate important financial reports including comparative trial balance reports, comparative income statement and balance sheet, bank reconciliation statement and cash ow statements. The main purpose of this module is to record financial transactions and report the financial position of company.


PowerHRM is an HR and Payroll module which can be used by any company who wants to manage employees and their payroll. The module provides complete hire-to-retire cycle. Company using this module can maintain employee’s demographics, credentials and pay structure, record daily attendance and late arrivals, and record loan and advances to employees. Each month an automatic process will calculate monthly pay of each employee involving basic salary, allowances, deductions and contribution and generate pay slips.


PowerInventory is an inventory management module which can be used to defne items and services of a company and manage inventories of items at dierent sites and warehouses. This module will keep track of all the inventory transactions (through purchase and sales of items) and can report inventory at hand at site and warehouse levels


PowerSales is a sales modules which is used to sale goods and services to customers. The module allows company to maintain list of clients and their payment terms, generate sales invoices against customers, check remaining balances of customers and settle invoices when customers make payments. It keep tracks of remaining balances of customers and provides timely alerts when payments are overdue


PowerBuy is a procurement module which can be used purchase different items and services from vendors and then make payments against their invoices. The module allows company to maintain list of vendors and their contract and payment terms, check remaining balances and settle bills when company makes payments.

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