People’s Security

“If something sounds too good to be true, there’s probably a scammer behind it.”

What is People Security?

Nowadays, when millions of devices are being used day in, day out the risk of getting screwed online is increasing day by day. Envisage your employee’s desktop, he has exclusive access to your databases; he can create new ones or edit them. With our high-security systems not only can we monitor your entire networks and individual endpoints, but we can also help you encrypt data, provide disaster management and if any security system compromised something is there to replace it precisely at that instance.

How does this work?

With our IT specialists setting up monitoring in your endpoints be it Linux or Windows, be it any mobile device we will be able to rectify what might have gone wrong. With limited and monitored user access any intruder will not be able to steal vital data. Thus he won’t be able to sell you off. With our cloud-based control desk system, not only are we going to be there 24/7 to help you with shortcomings but we will be there to stop breaches of data. It’s not necessary that the violation or illegal usage of data is on the part of an intruder thus workers must also be monitored, which is why you need our help. We will also help you set up security-related features of IoT so that you can control your work even when you’re home. Enforced backups and collocation of your data is always helpful if any people’s security compromised, we are here to help. We have joined hands with IBM Security Governance to provide you world’s best security system-even for individuals in your workplace.

    How can we help you?

    Skill Orbit offers a remarkable service to IT-dependent business owners by providing much-needed solutions, in the modern world. We’re expertise in protecting the business sites by our elucidations as follows:

  • Like our customers rely on us, so information security is our top priority, and we ensure the reliability of the information.

  • Our primary focus is on people to empower them with our uniquely designed security services.

  • We protect your home, business from intrusion by monitoring your place with remote video devices as well as offering solutions like access control, alarming intrusion situation, key management and many more.

Things we have Done

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