Mr.Zia ul Haque has had a long and distinguished career in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), having served in numerous management and strategic roles throughout his career in both the PAF and in the private sector after. Holding a double Masters in Operations Research and Management, he is a seasoned professional having applied his strategic and management skills across his diversified career both at home and abroad.

Chairman’s Message

We live in an age of empowerment. Technology today is at its peak, more so than at any other time before it. Advancements are being made in leaps and bounds, with new boundaries to our imagination being made and broken every single day. Technology now plays and will likely continue to play a key role across every walk of life, from the mundane to the extraordinary. In these times and the times to come, the leaders will be those who empower and enrich the lives of others.
We at Skill Orbit aim to be the leaders in the coming times. Our singular goal is very simple; the empowerment of individuals and businesses through technological systems and facilitations which enrich lives and sustain growth. We aim to deliver worth to our clients, not just systems. Services which provide long-term benefits and deliver customer satisfaction are the standards of quality which we set for ourselves. These define the mandate, and the values, on which the foundation of Skill Orbit has been laid.
The imagination and contribution of Individuals is one of the cornerstones of Skill Orbit. With the changing world of technologies and trends, Skill Orbit invests in the nurturing of young minds and for the exploration of ideas which shall shape the future. Research and Development is one of the key aspects of Skill Orbit, and we look to mentor the promising talent of the coming generation so that they may be the stars of tomorrow.
The commitment of Skill Orbit is to the world, to each and every individual on this planet and to the generations to come. Our vision is to empower and enrich lives, whether they be through the systems we develop or the social responsibility initiatives we deliver. It is the goal to which we are committed, the vision which we stand by, and the future which we strive for each and every day to make possible.

MR. Muhammad Zia Ul Haque

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