Mean Stack Development

Collection of technologies to develop opinionated frameworks while working on enterprise applications.

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN stack is broad-source of a dais for building websites and developing our applications by using JavaScript based technologies. Jointly, they form a most commanding development software stack for web development which comprises of four radical JavaScript contexts as; Angular JS, Node JS, Express JS and Mongo DB. MEAN stack provides Full Stack Development make available for wide range of vibrant web applications. Angular JS is part of MEAN stack development suite is used for building single page websites and web applications as well as frontend development. Conversely, Node JS is used in back-end tasks and Express JS is a web framework for Node JS back-end operations. Moreover, Mango DB is based on NoSQL a document-focused database program. MEAN stack is extensively used to build amalgam and presented web apps. These four components when combined work efficiently and increase the functionality of website or app by providing front and back operations. Yet, it’s simpler but a compact framework that provides an appliance for converting the data and information in less-time certifying business success.

Why SkillOrbit?

Skill Orbits excel in building high-quality websites and web applications. We are endeavoring for giving you best MEAN Stack development at cost-effective rates by our expertise in this field.
We offer four frameworks:

  • Mongo DB:
    Open-source document-oriented database in which we provide high-quality performance,
    flexible design and scrambling the components.

  • Express JS:
    Express JS is a framework of Node JS by which we build a single or multiple pages of web and
    mobile applications. And, featured websites and dynamic applications.

  • Angular JS:
    Angular JS is a JavaScript development framework and we are making data binding helping code
    which eradicates the code for writing. Side by side, providing front-end development with proficiency.

  • Node Js:
    Open-source platform through which we build network applications on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript
    engine which has JavaScript modules as well as delivering highly ascendable web applications.

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality


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