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Significant Mobile Implications for

Enterprises Today!

Kony is a mobile solutions provider that brings the industry’s extensive, and best future proof mobile application platform for B2C and B2E operations. Kony’s mission is to improve the access of applications and technologies to allow customers and employees to use the app on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Manage and Build Your Customer Journeys with Kony products

Using our ready to run applications, you can outline, design, build, integrate, deploy, and manage powerful apps at each and every step
of your mobility experience to craft the industry’s most powerful open mobility platform.

Kony Visualizer

Create consumer-first app experiences using collaborative, cloud-centered app design and development.

Kony Visualizer

Create consumer-first app experiences using collaborative, cloud-centered app design and development.

Kony Visualizer

Create consumer-first app experiences using collaborative, cloud-centered app design and development.

Kony Visualizer

Create consumer-first app experiences using collaborative, cloud-centered app design and development.

Why Kony?

For the third time in a row, Kony has been titled as a Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Leader for Mobile Application Development Platform. The mobile app development enterprise you can trust, now and in the future.

  • Kony is the only platform provider that allows you to easily deploy and develop apps across channels from a single code base.
  • A zealous, proven, powerful partner for your mobile journey.
  • A mobile system like no other.
  • Foresee the trends to harness mobile opportunities to beat the competition.
  • Apps and enterprise application development platform offer enterprises the flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of device and OS compatibility.

Kony – Mobile Application Development Platform for Your Enterprise

  • Easy to deploy developed applications, which helps in reducing the time to market.
  • Simple to use
  • Low development time
  • Low development cost
  • Compatibility with all prime operating systems like iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, Java ME, and web OS
  • Wide-range of device support
  • Leverage a group of pre-configured features with ‘out of the box’ functionality premeditated with best practices.

Kony Visualizer:

Exceptional look & feel with Remarkable business results

Kony Visualizer was built for creating incredible, user-friendly app experiences. Using Visualizer, you can:

  •   Decrease UX-related software defects by 70%
  •   Reduce overall app development time by 50%
  •   Build rich native UI using the Kony framework
  •   Reuse your prototype and design artifacts
  •   Cloud-based collaboration and sharing

Kony Studio:

One code base with endless possibilities

Kony Studio’s IDE software provides a widespread range of features to help you build, web, native and hybrid apps from a single code base. Provide unique app experiences through all channels by using JavaScript to incorporate user interface:

  •   Use again the cloud-based logic, service integration, and assets across channels
  •   Plan, build, and test new channels in 80% reduced time
  •   Outline exceptional experiences for desktop and mobile
  •   Support over 10,000+ smartphones, tablets, and feature phones
  •   Completely support all native browsers
  •   Extensive support for cutting-edge web apps

Kony MobileFabric:

The open platform for that connects all of your backend services.

Kony MobileFabric™ is a set of enterprise-grade mobile infrastructure service that makes it easy to build amazing apps that supports and integrates all of your backend systems.

  •   Build mobile apps using your prevailing tools and skill sets
  •   Integrate native device capabilities into hybrid apps
  •   Reuse and import third party frameworks
  •   Associate with third party web services like SOAP, XML, REST, and JSON
  •   Flexible, supported mobile infrastructure

Kony Management:

Security for your entire Enterprise-grade mobile program

Kony Management, the EMM component of Kony Platform, deals with the most widespread set of tools and backend services for intelligent EMM, so that you can:

  •   Secure iOS, Android, Windows devices, and BlackBerry, including email security and device policy capabilities.
  •   Simplify administration by means of an innate console that systematizes policy management.
  •   Kony Management’s MDM solution lets you secure user devices with a broad range of features.
  •   Deploy an enterprise app store to hand out public and private apps
  •   Intelligently manage and administer your enterprise mobility program

How can Skill Orbit help you?

Our key part is to help companies gain value from their investments. Our partners’ proficiency shared with our platform’s business-transforming abilities results in game changing solutions for our clients.

  • Bring high value and excellent solutions
  • Have a strong lineage in consulting, technology, and implementation services
  • Have industry vertical understanding and technology to provide dedicated mobile solutions
  • Deliver global coverage and capability to support the ever-expanding business needs
  • Have thorough access to Kony resources and advances
We are here to help!
  • Our understanding of your existing business model and feedback on potential customer experience management improvements
  • A Demo based on the newest technique
  • An example of a High-Level Implementation Plan