We need to get smarter about hardware and software innovation to get the most value from the emerging internet of things.” ~ Henry Samueli

What is IoT?

IOT is a system of physical items, comprised of electronic equipment that informs and infuses intelligence into the physical world through devices and soft wares. As, we used the internet to connect to each other, picture all our devices being able to connect to one another and the internet, visualize how you’d be able to control your workplace environment from a webpage, or an app? That is IOT.  Save time by managing office from your home, keep an eye on your employees and what not? The digital world of Tech is here to save the day, but collaboration and orchestration between man and machine is a key feature here, the power is in your hands.


Intelligent use of technology can personalize and increase the workplace experience. With IOT you can monitor and control workplaces; energy consuming machines, use analytical maintenance, maximize communication with customers just by automated systems, monitor product sale. It is not an expensive setup; your existing set up can be automated to be improved. With sensors and features provided by us, you can turn machines on and off, you can control thermostat just based on analysis, you can refine your output, turn off street lights, etc., whenever they aren’t needed, live translations of people who speak a different language just with a click on any mobile app or any web page.  This is all about creating a seamlessly perfect system, that’d also be able to conduct even meetings on its own.

    Skill Orbit Functioning

    Skill orbit helps you to set up offices and businesses with the aid of IOT and guiding you to control by sitting at home. Our remarkable solutions below:

  • IoT is consulting for the startup brands to show you how these interconnected IOT services are the future of business.

  • Cloud Integrations with the apps by moving application workload to clouds.

  • By using IoT, we can get ‘smart apps’ at one podium, and through this, we can manage the issues collectively.

  • IBM Data Science Experience which combines advanced analysis, machines learning, analysis and statistics this puts data in cognitive areas.

  • Connect the devices, systems, applications by providing access to the multiple data for deploying the industrial IOT applications.

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality


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