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Career counselling is one of the building block which is a foundation to career. The purpose of writing this blog is to answer a most common question of those students who felt themselves confused while choosing career after matriculation or even after secondary school. Every student has a fear while selecting the best for his/her career. In older days we used to hear that this ABC person has achieved this milestone in his/her career and he is earning a lot of money so I would go for this too or some people might depend on the decision or choice their parents would take. The awareness regarding career counselling was much lower at that span of time.

Remember, Career counselling has one of the most important role in today’s era and people like me used to ignore it and just try move forward while seeing what other people and their friends are going for .Where there are various career options and at the same time individual gets frustrated and confused to which way he/she should go and look for. This is where career counselling plays a vital role. What does career counselling consists of? Career counselling involves a series of steps or processes which determines your career on the basis of your interests, knowledge, personality and etc. Individual can judged by his interest and personality. Interest defines the optimism of candidate towards what he wants to do. Do what you are interested in. Every person has its own interest, strength and weakness. Career counselor is the one who guides and helps you in selecting the best possible and suitable option for you while keeping in mind your interest, strength and weakness.


Let me share my own example, after matriculation I found my cousin doing ACCA and was not yet finished with that, he was earning good and was being assigned with good designation at student level job i-e an article ship. So I thought I should go for this too, and certainly I opt the field of commerce, switching from the field science to commerce was not as easy as it looked like. Moving further, after completion of inter I registered myself for ACCA, firstly it was way too expensive and to pay complete fees of ACCA was not possible for me due to financial issues. When exam date got closer, I enrolled myself for the manual papers and I found it very difficult to clear the exam, I tried to attempt 6 to 7 times and got success just once and that too was at the bottom line. In this whole process my 2 years got spent. Considering the current scenario, I thought I should take some guide from the senior, keeping this in my mind I went to my community’s most experienced person named Adil, he just said that you have chosen wrong field and do not watch what others are doing, and everyone is different from each other. Do what you like to do from your heart and show case your skills on that field. After answering certain questions to him relating to my career path, he concluded the talk by saying it looks like you can do well in the field of computer science. He also provided me with some information regarding some courses of computer science, I found it interesting. So I took admission at MAJU and got graduated from there. In university because of my hard work and dedication, I got scholarship in one semester. Moving further Alhamdulillah got success in each and every step of university life and after university life as well.


There are some key learnings for me from this whole story of mine which I would like to share.

  • Firstly, do not look to others, look inside yourself and think about yourself rather than thinking about others. You are the one who can build your own career, you may found help from the seniors or colleagues in making your career but remember don’t rely or depend on others.
  • If you will choose your career according to your interest you will never regret of your failure and will continue to work hard, more importantly you will always be happy with that career path, why? Simply because you choose it yourself by looking at your interest, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Once you define your career path, set your goals and plans to reach to that goal. If plan A fails, go for plan B, if it fails too, go for plan C and so on. Initially design your plans on short term basis, once you will find yourself successful in it then for long term plan. If you will plan accordingly, it will be easy for you to achieve goals with more focus and dedication.
  • If your career path will not be chosen on your strengths and interest, you will always be pissed off with your studies and you will be like waiting for the time to just passed away as quickly as possible.

While looking at the positive aspects of career counselling, another question which arises is when an individual needs career counselling or at which stage of life career counselling is required?  Usually when person gets trapped by some challenges at specific stage of his/her career, they feel that this is the time I need some guidance. No, not always. There are two things in my opinion where there is a need of guidance.

  1. At school level, normally the time where everyone should plan or go for career counselling is the time when secondary education gets complete, because after that you go for matriculation and then you opt field of your interest. On the basis of that you set your plans and goals.
  2. When a person has no idea what he wants to do in his/her life or gets confused as he/her moves on.


In a nutshell, always try to get in around with some experienced persons and seek help from them in order to enhance your skills and to have a growth in your professional career. Good decision at the right time is always good and pays off at the right time.

Love what you like,

Like what you do


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