IBM Endpoint Management

“IBM as an original contractor of the website designs. Endpoint management with IBM Bigfix allows security operations, discover, manage and control the end-points.”

What is IBM Endpoint Management?

IBM Big Fix endpoint management is a protected and adaptable platform where endpoints discovered, secured and controlled. All the devices like a large group of computers, operating systems, servers and clients are attached at one podium of the endpoint at one hand to control the different systems on the same platform by using various devices as Asset Discovery, Patching, Software usage and OS development. Moreover, with the help of IBM Big Fix facility, we can find and fix problems by controlling all the endpoints. All the devices, agents and server at the same place reduce not only the financial situation but also problems solved in less time. There is no jeopardy, and economic loss occurs. Furthermore, this platform is well-intentioned for the higher projects and for enhancing the productivity of the projects.


Most of all IBM is a diverse dais of controlling the endpoints with less cost, less risk and in short time. It is critically managing and fortifying the servers physically as well as remotely and the audit and software expenditures. While, working individually it’s unable to find and discover any of the vulnerabilities, but with the help of this IBM BigFix platform you can see all the liable points in less time, set them by patches and then manage their security fast. To conclude, IBM endpoint management is a handy podium for combating with the threats using least cost, fixing the problems by patches, IBM BigF ix solution reduces the complication of the work and fast security intelligence protects the security of soft wares and endpoints.

SkillOrbit Functioning

IBM Bigfix

IBM Bigfix helps to discover the problems and then reports accurate information with up to the minute visibility.


Application of Patches

Application of patches by supporting the 90 different types of operating systems and repairing the extended work in hours.


Recognizes The Viruses

Not only recognizes the viruses in seconds but also stops the unlicensed softwares.


Off Endpoints

Find all the on and off endpoints in real-time then, fix all the issues in the parameters and liabilities in minutes which leads to securing all the soft wares and points by applying patches with profligate speed.


Endpoint Management

Endpoint management with IBM Bigfix controls all the multiple endpoints in real time by single-server, single-host at reduced costs and risks so that you can run uphill your business.


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