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The impact on  advancement of computer science’s fields of artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) has improved sensors qualities and result accuracies. These sensors plays an important role in strengthening quality of living. For example, as sleeping is very crucial for healthy life. Smart phone applications and wearable are coming with health sensors, whose purpose is to sense over your sleeping habit, thus providing better sleep advice.

Moreover, Physician, specialists and researchers with the collaboration of computer scientist had development applications and sensors that can sense daily life activity, heart beat and blood pressure. These health sensors are embedded in smartphones and wearable which are cheaper and easy to use. Health sensors are also embedded in refrigerators, gyms and rooms etc. Such as refrigerators sensors optimizes temperature to keep food fresh.

There are many different types of health sensors, let discuss about some health sensor that are being used in daily life



Fitness tracking:


This type of sensors are very common and widely used, especially in wearable. These are prebuild in smartphones. These sensors, tracks your foot steps and informs about the distance you walked or run in a day. Therefore by calculating the running or walking activities, these sensors brings up the daily reports with colorful graphs.


Heartbeat, Blood Pressure and Stress Management





We often don’t take care of our health during work. However, while working our heart beat, blood pressure and stress level get disturb a lot. These disturbances are vulnerable to health and has high risk for heart disease. Therefore, wearable has implemented sensors that can sense your blood pressures and heartbeat. If there is a sudden change or there is a risk in increase in heartbeat, the sensors will create an alarm.

Monitoring Body Temperature


Increase or decrease in temperature illustrates about the change in body. Whenever we are sick the body temperature increase or decrease when blood pressure is very low. Similar to the heartbeat, blood pressure and stress management, these type of sensor can also help to monitor body temperature during activities.

Gym Equipment



To perform a certain exercise in a gym it is important to know about the instruments. These type of sensors are embedded in gym equipment which helps to hold the equipment correctly and properly. These types of sensor help us to remember the number of times we have performed that particular exercise and also tells us when to stop.

The medical science when combining with computer science has been developed exponentially. There are more health sensors on very large scale, however, those type sensors are for specialized purposes. But for common health disease, many health sensors are being prebuilt in our smartphones to support and management our health in our daily life.

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