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Enterprise service management uses a software ‘Enterprise service desk’ which is an application of IT service management (ITSM) principles in the ranges of an organization where is it necessary to gizmo the service desk. ITSM is a development that is based on the IT services in the organization’s areas of need and it allows the company to meet their wide business goals effectively. The basic purpose is to design the structure, execution, check on the delivery of ‘services’, to improve the efficiency and facilitating the new planning of business.


As enterprise management is a service and it gives many benefits to the company in the following ways:

  • Improving the productivity by smoothening the coming services and permitting the easy tracking of requests.
  • By the process of mapping, it excludes the waste and unwanted activities for methodological enhancement.
  • Increases the satisfaction of customers by giving them reliable services on time and aligning with their request requirements.
  • Well customary visibility and control program help to detect the problem areas and maintain the continuity of services.
  • Able to boost knowledge from their previous work by reusing the information and responding to more requests.


Skill orbit offers the ESD service at the single podium at the enterprise level to answer the requests, take orders, checking their statuses and viewing the notifications. We provide:

  • Alliance collects all the business units together to support the organization’s objectives and goals.

  • Prominence complete and clear view of all the operations, setting the monitoring process to locate the inefficiency and take the critical decisions.

  • Enhanced Association multiple players handling the orders have the best communication by assigning the roles to everyone to keep the track on their responsibility.

  • Reduced outlays reduction in overheads through ESM by taking cost benefits and removing duplicate toolsets.

  • Firmness accurately forecast and predict the efficient decision making. Increase reliability of service, provision, avoiding errors and steady state in operations.

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