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The Challenge

No matter how automated and efficient the ERP is, most of the organizations external back-end interface,i.e.vendor management & SCM is manual. Maintaining historic paper-based record of payment transactions as a regulatory requirement is one of the major pain-points of organizations. Mostly checks and even hard cash is used for B2B payments for small and medium scale vendors. Not enabling digital payments is delaying the cause of SBP’s vision of financial inclusion and digitalization


Easy Receipts is a web based portal with simplified user experience to facilitate the procurement and supply-chain management. It is a process enhancement tool to streamline the invoicing and payments while eliminating the risk of data variance. From selection of vendor, to raising PO, generating GRNs & payment intimation to collection – all steps become completely paper-free. Easy Receipts facilitates the organization’s procurement team while remaining integrated with the internal ERP system to make the process robust and bring end-to-end efficacy. The solution enhances cross-organizational processes and operational mechanisms and maintains integrity of data from PO’s to Payments throughout the procurement lifecycle


  • Business Process Improvements
    • Streamlines business process
    • Ensures accuracy of invoice processing
    • Eliminates duplicate manual data entry
    • Reduces Payables overhead
    • Reduces purchase to pay cycle times
    • Takes advantage of supplier discounts
    • Improves supplier cash flow
    • Improves supplier relationship
    • Provides enhanced controls over invoice processing
    • Easy to maintain electronic record than the paper based record of historical purchases and payables
  • Payment Process Improvements
    • Ensures on-time payments to suppliers
    • Track-ability of all the payments and subsequent documentation
    • Automating the payments terms at the time of contracting/agreements adds clarity to concerned parties
    • Paper-less transactions – a step closer to digital transformation of economy
    • Invoice-independent, hassle-free payments

  • Secured Vendor access web portal
  • Vendor Performance KPI’s
  • Vendor Profile Management
  • Secondary User Roles Access
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Bidding Provision
  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Receive Notices
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Vendor Invoice Preview and Confirmation
  • Payments
  • Export to Excel/PDF
  • Mobile App
  • Integration with ERP

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