Disaster Recovery and Backup

“Disaster recovery and backup solution interpret the creation, scheduling, and management of your system backups, whether on your site or the host.”

Back Up

Imagine losing all your data and records lost in the blink of an eye; you can avoid that hassle-free by backing up data at our servers, be it applications or any form of data. It would be just as if you stored your files on the part of your computer that you wouldn’t need to worry about because you can always recover it. Available for all types of storages and both Windows and Linux.

Disaster Recovery

Despite essentially meaning only creating back up or a snapshot of the system image, in full description, this term implies more. Disaster Recovery is a step up from simple back up and is a function that works to mirror of the whole of the computing environment, which for some reason has become dysfunctional, i.e., the systems, applications, data and the environment. It works such that it makes all the items mentioned above available to an individual or a business in the instance where the primary setting is damaged such that it cannot use any longer.

The Need for Disaster Recovery and Back Up Solution

In this era of Information Technology and the current level of dependence upon computers and the networks, the loss of one’s data is colossal by all standards. Especially the companies, no matter small or significant, who have transformed all their information to soft forms, data loss equates to a natural disaster for them. In such a scenario rescuing the data loss in reasonable time and with accuracy is the need of these times. Don’t worry we’re here to help.

    How can we help you?

    Skill Orbit offers a remarkable service to IT-dependent business owners by providing much-needed solutions, in the modern world. We offer our services globally;

    We provide:

  • We make things smooth and hassle-free for you.

  • Be it any requirement data backup, privacy, IOT, any development environment, Security that matters, Businesses information, IOT or digital Marketing we are here to help.
  • Less cost and storage place.

  • Improves productivity, more data can be backed up in less time by minimizing downtimes

  • Detailed reports of the backup status and efficient monitoring and management by hardworking team.
  • By our regular backup system downtime of business reduces fewer chances of data loss and emergency server for disaster solutions.

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