Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t free, it’s not cost effective either, it’s more productive, its 2-way communication.

Marketing Tactics and Strategies

Digital marketing is a gizmo like ‘umbrella’ that covers all types of activities to promote a brand online, attract public’s for the sales and services and this service was started in early 90’s that has developed with a period of time. As, a large amount of our audience is using social media, so it’s an incentive for a company to take this tool as a brand publicist. With the innovation of new technologies and ideas, old and traditional methods aren’t useful now so society and the people living in it have one-click technologies in their hands, they are just a few seconds away from amenities and elucidations of their problems, That’s why companies switch towards the modern way of enhancing the business through digital marketing also known as ‘social media marketing’. This gizmo contributes robustly in establishing the brand name and impacting the bottom line positively in online presence, which implies that brands are available for customers 24/7.


Skill Orbits is providing their full service that manages all areas of company’s online presence. By opting different strategies like:

Website Designing and development

which is the first impression to the customer that wither he uses services of your brand or not. We provide the customer-friendly interactive site with informative content as well as front-end development and product management.

Social Media Management

Digitally advertise the products or brands by Google search ads, strategic ads on media channels as well as pay-per-click drive.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / (SEM)

Providing easily search visibility and enhancing the conspicuousness.

Email marketing

To connect with people, attract and nurture them by putting up offers, providing them with sign-up to become actual customers and keep them active.

Content writing strategies

By using the right keywords and headers write content that appeal, fathomable to customers and make them happy or to keep ourselves alive, accessible to people we’re becoming viral across multiple channels.

Additionally, providing our people space to come in and give feedback of our services by giving them a push, a hint or a teaser to pull them to become known about our brand name, our values, our services and solutions and make it attractive for them to develop an association with the customer and our company. We are intended to do same for you people.

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality


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