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The Challenge

Financial Institutions, like any other business, are subject to managing several kinds of risks and one of them is ‘Compliance’.
Compliance Risk has a direct impact to an institution’s earnings or capital from failing to meet various laws, rules and regulations as governed by regulatory bodies. Besides, policies are periodically revised, causing the compliance process lifecycle to be re-executed. While doing so, disconnected functions need a one window solution to be on the same page for reviewing, verifying and reporting purposes. Therefore, detailed insight into the exact stages of compliance process becomes an inevitable need. On the other hand, foresightedness and subsequent proactive resolution is required to mitigate upcoming issues in the compliance process.


To address the complex challenges of Compliance Governance, we have launched Collaborative Compliance as a robust and dynamic IT-enabled framework that simplifies the process of implementing compliance policies issued by regulatory bodies from time to time. Collaborative Compliance empowers key stakeholders of the institution, throughout the compliance implementation process, to seamlessly map compliance requirements with internal processes and systems through customizable workflow while making use of analytical reports to take proactive informed decisions.
Simply put – Collaborative Compliance enables effective use of innovation and state of the art technology to transform cumbersome manual processes into a streamlined collaborative engagement across all business segments involved in the compliance policy implementation lifecycle.


Collaborative Compliance offers a diverse range of benefits to financial institutions that are struggling with the implementation of tedious regulatory policies, the old-fashioned way.
The solution is a result of rich industry experience mixed with innovation and modern technology that solves the complex puzzle of compliance management through complete digital transformation.
Control – Visibility – Confidence!

Analytical Dashboards

  • Swiftly design and configure action-oriented dashboards with KPI’s and analytics
  • Gain insight into what’s on track vs what needs your attention with a birds eye view
  • Assign default dashboards to team members based on specific work lists

Policy Manager

  • Translate complex compliance policies into simplest, trackable and structured tasks
  • Gain full visibility and control into every stage of the project and expedite momentum through completion
  • Stay informed with the actionable report

User Management                                                          

  • Simplified onboarding process through integration with Microsoft Exchange
  • Manage organizational hierarchy and build user groups within the organogram or from cross-segment teams
  • Assign security roles and privileges users or groups to control user access and rights

Workflow Designer                                                                                                                                                  

  • Design flexible workflows to define review and approval stages throughout the lifecycle of observations
  • Control and automate process flow instead of manual intervention
  • Save time consumed in unnecessary delays due to human errors


  • Setup multiple reminders with configurable frequencies to get things done in time
  • Create from scratch or use suggested templates for reminder communication
  • Use multiple channels to send reminders like sms, email or even call

On-Demand Reporting                                                                                                                            

  • Create and save user defined queries and reuse them later
  • Get rid of dry data reports and empower your decisions through media-rich graphical representations of data
  • Download reports into excel files

Activity Monitor                                                       

  • Track activity log throughout the lifecycle of an observation
  • Gain complete insight into different progress stages such as time taken for review or inactivity duration
  • Draw KPI’s to identify weak links in the chain and strategize for improvements


Deadlines Monitor       

  • Go carefree with deadlines while the monitor takes care of them
  • Configure customized alerts for internal and external deadlines
  • Stay on toes with KPI’s and prioritize critical items first


Policy Parser

  • Leverage state of the art technology to transform lengthy scanned pdf into workable, structured observations.
  • Get rid of the cumbersome manual data entry process while the Policy Parser takes complete care of it

Policy Dictionary                                                                                                             

  • Maintain a historical collection of all compliance policies and observations
  • Reuse old policies when there are amendments and reduce response time drastically
  • Save time and effort while you focus on getting things done


  • Use built-in messaging control to communicate with peers instantly and get things done faster than email
  • Schedule meetings right from the work items
  • Instantly connect with team members on audio calls


  • Stay on top of things and remain connected on the go
  • Respond to issues as they arrive
  • Work offline and sync later


  • Share data with peers via built-in integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Download data by exporting into excel sheets or pdf for further processing
  • On-demand integration with legacy systems

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