Why Choose Cloud or Build A Data Center Buzzing Everywhere ?

Why Choose Cloud or Build A Data Center Buzzing Everywhere ?

The clients where I used to worked as a Consultant , heavily invested in building the data centers, maintaining it with proper DR planning and invested according to the need and I was helping them to secure the Data using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and also monitor the applications using IBM Tivoli Monitoring Solution . Indeed time flies and technology is rapidly evolving as well now it’s more about focus on your business as compare to focus in business as now a day’s moving to Cloud or building a Data Center buzzing everywhere from SMB Segment to Enterprise Segment as well and they have different concerns where to invest the allocated budget in building the Data Center or choose cloud services.

Now the matter of fact is Currently it is predicted that the global market for cloud services will touch $79.1bn by 2018 , and the fact of “ building a data center cannot be taken lightly; it is a huge investment” .

But everyone is curious now a days about its Data and Applications which they have and many SMB and Enterprises are not any longer building In-House Data Center instead they’re choosing to outsource it to third party data center. I think they are doing it because to avoid owning depreciation of IT hardware Assets as well as the cost to maintain the Data Center .But what we can assume from that will this mean in-house establishing a data Center is dying or it is difficult to build the Data Center.

If anyone wants to Start a new business now a days , can they build the data center perhaps not . But it doesn’t mean that Data center is dead or companies are not investing in it . Some time it is really confusing as well on the following Is a cloud a data center? Is a data center a cloud? Or are they two completely different things? What to choose and why are the things moving around now days .

The main difference between a cloud and a data center is that a cloud is an off-premise form of computing that stores data on the Internet, whereas a data center refers to on-premise hardware that stores data within an organization’s local network. While cloud services are outsourced to third-party cloud providers who perform all updates and ongoing maintenance, data centers are typically run by an in-house IT Administrator. I know everyone who is reading this article have in mind that there are cloud deployments which is on premises as well I will go in detail in upcoming articles for now just visit


While i am just sharing the article i will like to share one picture which will make brain again more curious on the topic title i had selected.

I had a research and gather the statistics which reveal the following:

  • 2% of computing workloads are expected to run in the public cloud in 2018.
  • 27% of business mailboxes worldwide are in the cloud.
  • As of 2012 38% of businesses have adopted cloud computing with another 29% making plans to do so.
  • On average 545 cloud services are used by an organization.

Now i think the factors which need to build a Data Center are Legacy applications that are business-critical but are not cloud-ready, or when customers demand for dedicated IT handling on their own.One disadvantage of the cloud is that you will not have as much control as you would a data center, since a third party is managing the system. Furthermore, unless you have a private cloud within the company network, you will be sharing resources with other cloud users in your provider’s public cloud.

For most small businesses, the cloud is a more cost-effective option than a data center. Because you will be building an infrastructure from the ground up and will be responsible for your own maintenance and administration, a data center takes much longer to get started and can cost businesses $10 million to $25 million per year to operate.Unlike a data center, cloud computing does not require time or capital to get up and running. Instead, most cloud providers offer a range of affordable subscription plans to meet your budget and scale the service to your performance needs

It’s time to decide, in the upcoming article i will share How to Solve the Biggest problems with Cloud .

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