“Are you at CES? What’s cool this year?”

“Are you at CES? What's cool this year?”

Just going with CES website, I realized to share the latest Tech Predictions for 2016 as many of people around the world were attending the CES Event  and exploring the trends which will be coming in near future and will adoptable by Consumers around the world.  At CES, the world’s largest annual tech convention that held in Las Vegas Jan 6-9, there will be vendors dedicated to cars, wearables, robots and drones than ever before.  While I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for those technologies just yet, 2016 will be filled with incremental tech developments that will serve as a foundation for a much smarter future as around the world people are selling the concept of Smarter building, Smarter Cities, Connected cars, drones for good and much more.

1: Virtual and augmented reality: 

In 2016, virtual reality will finally get its chance to shine on a consumer level, while augmented reality will continue to prove itself in the workplace. One of the websites which I gone through is Jano Pakistan, good work initiated and many improvements needed to set a better platform.

2: Wearables  make an impact on business:

Wearables were one of the hottest topics going into 2016 at CES, there will be 33 exhibitors showing off wearable technology. These devices are expected to be outfitted with sensors and showcased in ways that prove their applications in health, fitness and the enterprise market explore fitbit, many ideas can be generated and companies can work on this. In order to reach a wider audience, wearables must have a more compelling value equation to attract consumers and business users. Many things can be done and ideas can be generated with this some thought which I perceive and can be used effectively by parents to track their Children and bosses can track the field force Sales team it can also help in workplace environment for attendance and also serve as the means to log into your work devices, secure websites and more.

3.The biggest innovation in Internet of Things:

The world of IoT has been interesting to watch, and it’s relatively straightforward to imagine that 2016 will be a key year for IoT.

2016 will be “The Year of the Laggard.” We’ve seen a lot coming into the market around mobility, social, IoT, and Big Data. Companies that have not taken advantage of any of those technologies yet will start to see an obvious gap in competitiveness, and they will start to lose revenue and employees.  – Owen Pettiford, Founder and Co-CEO, CompriseIT


Drones for good are also playing major roles. Drones have 29 exhibitors at CES and expected to showcase smarter drones, such as drones with tracking technologies, or those with additional sensors to more accurately read their environment.

5.Self-charging phones:

New technologies – some of which will be showcased at CES – are enabling phones to charge through wavelengths. At CES, a product called Cota will be showcased, that will automatically recharge mobile phones at a distance.

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