Skill Orbit | Business Process Management
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Business Process Management

Achieve better outcomes.

Our Solution  transforming your complex, interwoven processes, data, and systems into an easy to design, execute, manage, and optimize application platform. Available in the cloud, or on-premise,.Empowers you to drive growth, optimize efficiency, address governance, risk, and compliance, and enhance customer service.

You need a new application to support a critical business process…now what?

Our Solution has everything you need to build highly engaging, personalized business applications that adapt to your business in real time.



engaging, responsive
applications that work on
any device.



your business data and
systems, and build
extensions freely.



your applications in real-time, without any interruptions.



easily with high availability,
and powerful monitoring
and reporting.

IBM business process management (BPM) solutions offer a set of collaborative, role-based capabilities designed to model, simulate, execute, rapidly change, monitor and optimize core business processes and workflows.


They provide tight integration with other IBM process management, monitoring and integration solutions to deliver a full operations view.


The result is a unified platform for process design, visibility, process management and automation that will help you achieve real business value.

IBM Business Process Manager Advanced

Delivers a combination of business process and basic case management, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process analytics.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud

Offers a subscription-based cloud service for visibility and management of business processes.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud

Offers a subscription-based cloud service for visibility and management of business processes.

IBM Business Process Manager Standard

Offers a BPM platform that provides full visibility and insight to managing core business processes.

IBM Business Process Manager Express

IBM® Business Process Manager Express is an affordable entry point for initiating business process management (BPM).

WebSphere Presence Server

Enhances applications with consolidated information regarding user availability, capability and willingness to communicate.


How can Skill Orbit help you?


Our key part is to help companies gain value from their investments. Our partners’ proficiency shared with our platform’s business-transforming abilities results in game changing solutions for our clients.

  • Bring high value and excellent solutions
  • Have a strong lineage in consulting, technology, and implementation services
  • Deliver global coverage and capability to support the ever-expanding business needs
We are here to help!
  • Our understanding of your existing business model and feedback on potential customer experience management improvements
  • A Demo based on the newest technique
  • An example of a High-Level Implementation Plan