Business Intelligence

Knowledge has become the Principle economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage – Peter F. Drucker.

What is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a technology-driven process, for scrutinizing data and presenting the tortious information to the managers, executives and other users to have informed decisions about the business. It incorporates a lot of tools, methodologies, and operations to collect data from internal and external sources; prepare them for analysis, run queries against them, and generate the reports, summaries, graphs, charts and dashboard data then send them to decision and system makers for the suave running business. Moreover, Business Intelligence (BI) differs from Business Analytics (BA) as former tells us the current or past state “What was or what is” while later predicts “What will happen or what could happen by taking this approach”.

Business Intelligence tools

  • A comprehensive set of data analytics application including ad-hoc analytics, location intelligence, online analytical processing (OLAP), enterprise reporting, and many more.
  • Data visualization software for designing charts, infographics BI dashboards and performance scorecards.
  • Additionally, Hadoop systems and BI architectures as repositories and landing pads for BI are also used.
  • Other tools are Zoom data, Sisense, Information Builders, Qlik and Tableau as leaders

Skill Orbit Business Intelligence Services

Skill orbit has highly dexterous skills and experience to make sure your business intelligence enterprise will move in a veracious direction with open source technologies Hadoop, Mongo DB and Pentaho business intelligence reporting tools.

  • We provide several ways to contrivance business intelligence strategies in your organization.

  • Our BI experts have knowledgeable capabilities and vast open source technologies expertise that will deliver the best solution for
    your business decision making and meet your needs.
  • Skill orbit BI services optimize your organization’s BI systems from data warehousing to reporting and visualization by our BI

    consultants and their dedicated engagement in the work.

  • We offer the services for leveraging the soft wares, transforming the data into intelligence and giving tactical decisions to the makers.

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