Big Data

“Processed data is information. The processed information is knowledge Processed knowledge is Wisdom.”

What is Big Data?

Big data refer to a large amount of data – both structured and unstructured that swamps the business on daily basis. The amount of data doesn’t matter most important is how the organization uses the data and that does matter because the management of data leads to a better decision and strategic moves for the growing business. This concept of big data gain impetus first time in 2006 by an analyst Doug Laney gave a new definition of it as the three V’s follows:

Volume: Organizations collect data from various sources like machines, business transactions and sales, and social media which was a problem in past and now have been solved by the new technologies i.e. Hadoop

Velocity: The speed at which data is processed exceptionally and dealt in a timely manner. Big data analytics gulps, analyses and associate the data sources and then find the solutions on the basis of the query.  To deal with torrents of data in real time RFID, sensors and server clusters are covering the needs i.e. IBM Big Data Analytics Data Lake Analytics

Variety: Data comes in all types; structured, unstructured or numeric – emails, videos, audios, financial transactions, SQL databases or streaming data from sources i.e. IBM data science experience and IBM Big Data .

IBM _Big _Data

    Why Skill orbit useful for this?

    By using the service of big data from skill orbit you will gain competitive advantage with an information strategy as well as get your data get shaped in what manner you want in less time and effort.

    We provide:

  • Innovations and growth by highly focusing on IT business strategies and leverage the existing investments.

  •  Vision and flexibility they require the power of relational and non- relational data.

  • Data Lake analytics that consists of big data technologies that transfer data to organizations for analytical processes.

  • IBM Data Science Experience which combines advanced analysis, machines learning, analysis and statistics this puts data in cognitive areas.

  • Hadoop storage platform that sets the Tons of thousands of data and designs the computing nodes operating in parallel .
  • Causes of failures, issues, and defects in minimum and cost-effective time.

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