Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management

APM – Significant player in Digital Transformation

Writing a blog for the first time is bit confusing and cautious act. Let’s have a look on new technology innovations that’s now becoming essential part for the digital transformation in order to make the world global village.

Applications and software’s playing vital role in digital transformation in this era and now becoming essential part of using them in routine life regardless of anyone like it or not. As far as apps and softwares are essential, their monitoring is equally important to stay them alive with uninterrupted services. For this purpose, monitoring of hardware and software required which is now become essential part for every enterprise having IT infrastructure as their backbone. Application performance tools are the comeback for catering to this sensitive and crucial requirement and now playing a major role in many enterprises to enhance IT infrastructure reliability and operational efficiency.

The importance of application performance monitoring for customer insight, product support, operational efficiency, and capacity planning are well-established, however, the benefits of monitoring data in those use cases is still evolving. Three main factors obscuring the benefits of data monitoring are the infinite volume of data, its diversity, and inconsistency. However, it’s these same factors that are fueling a Golden Age of systems monitoring. Factors including increment of data availability, Varied monitoring data and unpredictable monitoring data. The most consistent parts of the monitoring data stream such as availability (as determined by health checks, for example) can be mined for very useful data and used to create easily understood reports. If you combine this with endpoint testing, such as synthetic transactions from an end-user perspective, the picture of availability becomes much clearer and can be used to effectively manage SLAs.
Probing a level or two deeper, measurements of resource consumption over time can reveal trends that help with capacity planning and cost prediction. Time series analysis of sets of data that are consistent can reveal bottlenecks and even begin to point the way to root cause analysis, though we are still far away from automating this aspect.

As far as the future of data monitoring concerns, There’s a revolution in monitoring data with the advent of the cloud. We are suddenly able to gather a lot of data on the availability and performance of nearly every aspect of our systems that we run in the cloud. In fact, as far as APIs go, there are even services that will consume all of your application traffic and analyze it for you, opening the possibility of dynamic tracing of transactions through your systems. If you are going cloud-native, you can take advantage of this area of unprecedented completeness and consistency of data.
However, expect your job to get both easier and harder. Easier, since you will have more data, and sophisticated systems to analyze it. These systems and data it produces are becoming more homogeneous with cloud technologies and more consistent as the monitoring industry settles on standards. This will provide you better data for the systems you buy to analyze. It will also be harder. When your systems fail, you won’t easily find the data needed to fix things yourself. Similar to your cloud vendor, your monitoring system will be a complex and powerful toolset that will need time to learn, and you will absolutely be reliant on your providers for their expertise in its finer points.

Despite these challenges, the potential impact of effective data monitoring is significant. Effective data monitoring can help reduce outage and availability issues, support capacity planning, optimize capital investment, and help maintain productivity and profitability across an entire IT infrastructure. As IT systems become increasingly more complex, data monitoring becomes increasingly more vital. Hence the importance of application monitoring tools is getting increase day by day and will see diversified modification in upcoming days.


  1. Syed Hammad Shafiq, thanks a lot for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

  2. Syed Hammad Shafiq, thanks a lot for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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