Skill Orbit | Application Modernization
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Application Modernization


Embark on an end-to-end transformation of legacy applications to newer technologies and architectures to mitigate cost and risks.

CIOs and IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less. With 70 percent of the typical organization’s global transactions running on legacy applications, the spotlight has shifted to how well the application portfolio can drive business results and support innovation while keeping costs under control.Our Application Modernization and Optimization (AMO) Services help organizations strip out unnecessary operating costs while reducing capital spend and freeing IT staff to create value for the business. Our specialists can assist in answering the big questions about whether to renew, replace, consolidate, retire, enhance—or rebuild—applications in the portfolio.

The outcome:

  • More value from existing applications with reduced costs,
  • More manageable application portfolios,
  • Limited business disruption and decreased risk.

Application Portfolio Optimization

Creates a strategy and road map to improve your application portfolio and reduce functionality overlaps, technical limitations and maintenance costs. Our experienced specialists use diagnostics and proven processes to probe for problem areas and quickly determine whether the applications are functionally adequate

Performance Engineering

Allows IT leaders to better manage the overall performance of their applications so they can meet or beat users’ expectations and reduce unnecessary costs due to performance issues. Our experienced team works to confirm that high performance is built into applications and alleviates performance problems in existing applications.

Application Modernization

Helps companies get the most value from their existing applications over the short, middle and long terms—as well as helping to reduce certain costs and risks. Our Application Modernization team can help modernize and streamline organization’s application landscape and technology while retaining much of the investment made in applications.

How can Skill Orbit help you?


Our key part is to help companies gain value from their investments. Our partners’ proficiency shared with our platform’s business-transforming abilities results in game changing solutions for our clients.

  • Bring high value and excellent solutions
  • Have a strong lineage in consulting, technology, and implementation services
  • Deliver global coverage and capability to support the ever-expanding business needs
  • Planning and Execution
We are here to help!
  • Our understanding of your existing business model and feedback on potential customer experience management improvements
  • A Demo based on the newest technique
  • An example of a High-Level Implementation Plan