Application Modernization

A modern economy brings myriad arrangements in every technological field to rise up.

What is application modernization?

Application modernization is a process of recycling, merging, and refactoring of legacy software programming to bring into line them with today business needs. The main purpose of this modernization is to add worth to the existing applications to keep them at the current level of business. Because in this era of development it’s difficult, costly and time consuming to maintain the outdated software so it’s important to have new versions of applications for operating systems to profligate the success of the company.

Our Strategies

Here are some strategies to adopt for the modernization of systems as they are not usually modernized at once although in the form of increments in some contexts so that there will be no risk in operating systems. The strategies we can espouse are:


Re-engineering Planning Process - Estimates benefits and costs of modernization.


Visaggio’s Decision Model - Enables to determine which software renewable process is right.


Model Driven Engineering - Drives to forward and reverse engineering for software code.


Software Rewriting and Replacement times - Detects the optimal timing for rewriting and replacing the system.


Allows planning the migration of legacy systems by keeping a view on the issues.


Architecture Driven Modernization - Focuses on the status of an existing system like code analysis, system transformation etc.

    Why Skill Orbit?

    Skill orbit application modernization service is premeditated in a way to get out from the old strategic applications and stepped into the digital business world which will enhance your company’s efficiency, lavish your business and add potential to prevailing applications.

  • Proficient and swift bequest systems by use of specialized skills, capabilities and industrial assets.
  • The beneficiary outcome of your updated systems for the long term while decreasing your high costs and saving your time.
  • Adaptive and fast result making applications that will rapidly deploy you in the world.
  • The integrated modern dais enables your team to work securely, seamlessly across different business parties and geographies.
  • A complete solution of digital disruptive and brought IT towards fresh approach.

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality


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